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The Cosmic Cat Wisdom decks will be shipped and available in July or August, so it’s not too late to order more or get your pre-sale, author signed copy with your order! T-shirts and mugs are still available as well, but get your order in now!

Thanks to each of you that supported and helped in any way to spread the word about our pre-sale Kickstarter campaign to fund the first print run and Kitten Associates Rescue, one of the top rescue organizations in the country.

Cats purr-fectly share their wisdom in this 60 card deck, each card surprising or delighting with a different cat image, a unique theme and phrase, with more to explore about that theme in an engaging and witty guide book.

Order Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards™

Award-winning Cards

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Guidebook is the recipient of the 2018 Product of the Year and 2018 Gold Winner in Transformation and Inspirational Products awarded by the Coalition of Visionary Resources.

COVR product year gold

Award-winning Cards

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Guidebook is the recipient of the 2018 Product of the Year and 2018 Gold Winner in Transformation and Inspirational Products awarded by the Coalition of Visionary Resources.

COVR product year gold


Subscribers are entered in an end-of-year drawing to win A Big Bone Package, including a Divine Dog Wisdom Cards deck, Got Wisdom t-shirt and a one-on-one session with the DDWD creators.

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Divine Dog Radio Interviews

Listen to Cynde Meyer, founder and publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine, host of weekly Spirit Seeker Radio show, interview co-authors Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher to find the answer to “what can dogs teach us through this unique deck for conscious living in the from of 62 delightful and different dog-themed cards?”

Listen to Spirit Seeker Radio Here

Listen to Paul Zelizer of Awarepreneurs interview Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher as they get ‘off leash’ creating dog cards as a tool for transformation.

Listen to Awarepreneurs

Listen to Marcie Davis and her service dog Lovie discuss the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards as a ‘Work of Heart’. Marcie delves into the uses for cards as oracle cards or just for fun. Learn why we chose 62 cards and a teaser for what is coming next for Enlighten Up.

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Enlighten Up Is….

a virtual business, creating unique and universal products such as the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Guidebook, that effectively integrate curiosity and fun with depth and wisdom for the journey of self-discovery and growth.  

The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Guidebook make the universal wisdom and voice of our own soul more accessible by presenting messages and ideas through the playful, soft and loving nature of dogs.  Dogs don’t judge us and remind us not to judge ourselves. Dogs are a source of unconditional love extended from Spirit, Spirit in another form.

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Paws to Reflect Blog

August 2019 Card Draw

Heart Play For the month of August, 2019 Enlighten Up LLC features two cards, one from The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards  and one from The Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards (coming soon!) with themes [...]

July 2019 Card Draw

Release, Nurture, Trust For the month of July, 2019 Enlighten Up LLC features cards from both the Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards with words for reflection from Randy Crutcher and Barb [...]

June 2019 Card Draw

Tending to Yourself and Good Things to Come For the month of June, 2019 From its signature product The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards, Enlighten Up LLC features one of 62 cards with its [...]

May 2019 Card Draw

Self-Worth Every month, Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher, co-creators of the Divine Dog Wisdom and Cosmic Cat Wisdom card decks and guidebooks draw a card from each deck after asking for guidance around [...]


Everyone is talking about it…

“These wise guys came up with the idea of producing a whimsical deck of cards and guide book with some of the things they had learned from – and through – dogs over the years.
Some are hysterical.
Some are almost Buddha-like.
All are very well done!”

Author Michael Fitzgerald

“I am a Certified Life Coach and use cards with clients all the times and use them with my family to test them. My 20 year old son was leaving for a road trip and I asked him to pick a Divine Dog Wisdom Card. He groaned but did anyhow. Earlier that morning he had shared with me a discussion he had with his girlfriend about how he needed to cultivate more empathy and compassion in his life. Guess what Dog Card he picked later that day? Empathy. He stood there and smiled. It was a moment, however brief we shared a meaningful connection. This is what Divine Dog Wisdom Cards have brought me, moments that are rich, deep and inspiring, every time I use them.”

Cynde M.

“I work in the human resources department in a medium size organization (400 employees).  My role entails coaching employees to find solutions, access resources and help them successfully navigate the work culture and environment.   When we are come to the end of our conversation, I often ask if they want to draw a card. Most have never seen a Divine Dog Wisdom card deck much less used one.  Most employees are very curious and say yes and they draw a card from the Divine Dog Wisdom Deck.  The card they select is always pertinent, adding insight to the topic we just discussed. It is magical!  The Divine Dog Wisdom Deck cards are inviting and engaging.  They raise curiosity and interest for the user to look deeper.  The cards focus attention on what they intuitively already know.  The use of the cards have led to productive and rewarding discussions and insights for employees in a way traditional tools might not.  This deck is a staple in my tool box now!”

Annie M.

“I am a nationally certified counselor and a licensed professional counselor.  I use the Divine Dog Wisdom Card deck and guidebook with clients all the time.  When a client does not have a charged presenting issue or seems to not have clarity on what to work on next I have them pick a card and explore the guidebook.  I love that the guidebook doesn’t say the card means only one thing but has a variety of inquiries to explore for each card.  It invites the user to engage in their own reflection and meaning, like our real faithful companion pets do.  It always sparks or leads to the conversation or direction that serves the client.  This deck is a staple in my tool box.  I use them for my own guidance too!”


Marianne Crom, MA, LPC, NCC