Recognizing Friends that have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Hershey was our scaredy-cat, and would hide when anyone other than us was around.  But you couldn’t ask for a sweeter cat, she lived a long life of 21 years!



We found this big hunk of love at a shelter and he was 3 years old.  How lucky we were, the best cat, so loving and would follow us from room to room.  We only had him 9 months before dying suddenly from FIP but he changed our lives forever.

Poppy Cat


Our hearts were broken when we lost our Powder, but we were blessed to have such a special cat for 20 years. She would meet us at the door and jump from lap to lap and loved us unconditionally

Powder Cat


2012 – 2016, Portland, OR

There is one fewer good dog in the world tonight.  Four years is not long enough for a good dog to live, and six months was not nearly long enough for him to be a part of our lives.  Ollie loved us immediately and without reservation, and we couldn’t help bu do the same. he was a counter-surfer, a sock-stealer, a deer-chaser and a took up way too much space on the bed.  He was the ideal mix of exuberant puppy and lazy old couch-dog. And we will be sweeping his hair out of the corners for the next four years.

Rest well, sweet dog.  You are missed. 


June 1995 – February 2013


Passed April, 2018

Harriet was a beautiful Madonna Tabby who graced my life for fourteen years. The name means “ruler of the house,” and in a true feline manner, she did so with grace and dignity. She chose the time of her passing on her own terms and without assistance. She was a great blessing and a constant example of a Zen life.



Passed October 1, 2018

Dogs give us so much and ask so little of us. When they leave us it is just like the loss of a dear human friend.

Lightning was a great buddy, helping me grow up in ways unexpected starting at age 39 when he first came to our home as a little pup from the Espanola Shelter. We ran, hiked, and walked many trails together. May we meet up soon on a trail in dog heaven!

“Let the passing of dear friends resound in your heart.”

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