What is it?

Enlighten Up LLC creates products that entertain, inform and inspire, one of which is the Divine Dog Wisdom Card deck and guidebook. We are committed to giving back to the animals that give so much to us in so many ways. After researching some of the best ways we could support shelters we developed this program.

Enlighten Up Sponsor-an-Animal Shelter Program enables an individual or group to sponsor a shelter of their choice by purchasing Divine Dog Wisdom Card decks at 50% of retail for the shelter or it’s fundraising outlets, with the shelter keeping all proceeds from their retail sales. The shelter may directly purchase the decks at retail from Enlighten Up LLC.

When a shelter signs up for the program, or is sponsored by an individual or group Enlighten Up, LLC will feature that shelter on its website, post on social media and in newsletter mailings, adding awareness and support for the work of the local shelter.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Program

Any shelter can participate if it is has an existing store or an ability to sell retail goods and pays for each wholesale order up front.  Enlighten Up will pay shipping charges. No returns are allowed unless damaged upon receipt of initial shipping. To enroll your shelter click on “Enroll Your Shelter” below and complete the form.

Any individual or group can enroll a shelter in the program.  A sponsor can identify themselves or remain anonymous. The sponsor must ensure the shelter has a store front or ability to sell the cards at retail, the sponsor pays for the order up front, provides the shelter shipping address and contact information.  Enlighten Up, LLC will donate the shipping charges and send the cards directly to the shelter with a welcome letter explaining the gift and opportunity. To sponsor a shelter complete the “Sponsor a Shelter” form below.

When a shelter OR a sponsor purchases Divine Dog Wisdom Decks, they pay $9.50 per deck wholesale price and agree to sell each deck for $18.99 (retail price) for their shelter. The shelter keeps the $9.49 profit from each deck they sell.

A PayPal invoice will be sent to you after your application is approved. Payment will be due 30 days from the date on your invoice.

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