Featured Kitten

Buzzbee Bickelfish


Featured Kitten: Buzzbee Bickelfish Remember Matilda, our last featured Kitty? Well, Buzzbee is Matilda’s son. He’s a year old, tall and lanky, with huge owly eyes, crisp tabby spots and stripes. He looks like a Bengal he’s so tall and agile. He’s outgoing, friendly, playful and gets along with other cats. [...]



Featured Kitten: Matilda Matilda is 1 1/2 years old, with a great sense of humor. Yes, there’s something very silly about her! She's spunky, dances on her hind legs when meal time arrives, and can be very chatty. She started off being quite fearful but over the months has become [...]

Flapjack Shortstack


Meet Flapjack Shortstack EnlightenUp, LLC has ‘adopted’ Kitten Associates, a cat rescue/foster organization that rescues, fosters, and re-adopts both kittens and full grown cats, and often cats with special needs, has taken on a new and significant challenge:  a physically-challenged kitten named Flapjack Shortstack.  Flapjack is unable to walk because of leg deformities, [...]

Boom-Boom McGillicuddy


Featured Kitten: Boom-Boom McGillicuddy Boom-Boom McGillicuddy is 8 months old, and is going to be huge one day. He’s completely relaxed and affectionate with everyone he meets or he can be crazy-playful depending on his mood. Boomie has silly markings: an “ink-dipped tail,” a single black spot on his white coat, [...]