Untouchable Times


From Tammy Billups, Sundance Healing Center Touch plays such a vital and important role in our emotional state. While certainly not all touch is positive, the health benefits of being kindly touched has been proven time and time again. During a hug we release oxytocin, which is also known as [...]

Separation Anxiety: The Love Squeeze


From Tammy Billups, Sundance Healing Center The key to shifting the fear at the heart of separation anxiety, is realizing that it’s not only about the animal; it’s also about the humans they are in relationship with. The behavior is rooted in an unhealed abandonment wound in both the animal [...]

Grieve with Them


From Tammy Billups, Sundance Healing Center Whether the loss is a person or an animal, or someone moving out of the home, your animal(s) will feel grief and loss too. They might stop eating, seem depressed, sleep more and not want to play as much. It is a common reaction [...]

Trust the Mirrors


From Tammy Billups, Sundance Healing Center The animal-human connection is magnetic, and you will unconsciously be drawn to the animals that mirror you and hold messages for healing and growth. Our animals are always reflecting what we like or don’t like about ourselves. They might be mirroring your personality, unhealed [...]

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